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Google Docs

Using Google Docs in the classroom: Simple as ABC
Using Google Docs in the classroom: Tips and Tricks


Education Version of Glogster

What is

  • Mix graphics, photos, videos, music and text into slick Glogs. Glog yourself every day!
  • Amaze your friends - send others links to your Glogs.
  • Complete your profile! - share your creations on MySpace, Facebook, Hi5, Friendster, Bebo or wherever you want.
  • Find new friends by their style
  • Have fun browsing Glogs, comment on other people's Glogs and get inspiration

Coming out in the fall -

Traci's Glogster Presentation

Traci's Web sites





According to Wikipedia, "Ning is an online platform for users to create their own social websites and social networks. The unique feature of Ning is that anyone can create their own custom social network for a particular topic or need, catering to specific audiences."

What is unique about Ning?
  • Ning is unique in that is one of the only free platforms with which someone, anyone, can create their own social network.
  • Although there are other sites to create social networks, Ning is very easy to use, customize, and manage.
  • Best of all, it's free and educators K-12 who use it can get the advertisements removed for free.
  • Creators have complete control over their networks including the selection of features, color theme for the site, images on the site, set-up of the pages, permissions of users, privacy settings and so much more.
  • To learn more about Ning and view a full list of features, click HERE.

Tutorial Video

Ning tutorial - Watch more Videos at Vodpod.